Yahoo Small Business Domains and Renewals

Years ago, when I first started in affiliate marketing, I chose Yahoo Small Business as my domain registrar.  At the time, there were all sorts of coupons available, and it really made stockpiling some domains fairly simple and inexpensive.

Over the years, I’ve moved to as my registrar.  So, as my renewals at Yahoo Small Business come up, I move them over to my account at

I’ve learned you need to be careful though.  After completing the transfer, it appears as though you’re not really “done” with Yahoo.  You still need to cancel your account, or they will attempt to bill you for the renewal, even though you don’t have the domain registered with Yahoo anymore.

While I haven’t been charged yet, as the credit card info in my Yahoo Wallet is old, I do know that they have tried.

So, if you’re moving off Yahoo domain name registration, there’s a few steps you need to take to protect yourself.

1.) Check your credit card info in your Yahoo Small business account.

2.) Initiate the transfer process.  Remember, the verification is going to your Yahoo email address associated with your Small Business Account most likely, unless you’ve changed it.  You’ll need to follow the instructions in that email.

3.) Complete the transfer process at your new registrar.  Update DNS settings there, etc.

4.)  Go back to Yahoo and CANCEL YOUR SERVICE.  Simply transferring the domain does not apparently cancel the billing there.

I hope this saves some folks some aggravation.  If I’m wrong, please let me know, but based on my experience in the last 2 years, this information is accurate.

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