Utilizing Woopra to Study Your Small Business Web Traffic In Real Time

For most small businesses utilizing web analytics software, Google Analytics is the safe* and easy choice.  It’s a common platform, it provides elegant and simple reporting, and it has a team of developers working around the clock to enhance it’s features.

However, Google Analytics has its shortcomings.  Reporting is delayed by up to 24 hours.  On important shopping days (like Black Friday and Cyber Monday most recently…), a 24 hour delay could be potentially hurting your sales.  You really need to know how shoppers are behaving on your site TODAY, so you can gauge whether or not your promotions and advertising are working.

Enter Woopra, a real time web based analytics tool that comes with a handy desktop application that allows you to monitor very specifically what visitors are doing on your site.  RIGHT NOW.

He's watching your traffic for you....
He's watching your traffic for you.specifically your web traffic in real time.

What Woopra does is allow you to measure the value of your online sales funnel as it’s happening.  After installing a simple javascript snippet and downloading the desktop analytics application, you literally can watch visitors move through your website.

The value is that you can modify web content if you see specific patterns of visitors falling out of your sales funnel.  Generally, that funnel would look like this:

  1. Landing page
  2. Sign Up or Add to Cart
  3. Check Out
  4. Complete the the transaction

On important days (and, in fact for the life of your website), monitoring failures in this cycle is critical.  Real time web analytics allows you to make changes quickly, and capture the rest of that days traffic as customers.

And that’s the goal, isn’t it?

Woopra has multiple pricing packages, including the free version that I use here at Level Analytics.  It’s a very affordable product, and I think, used in conjunction with Google Analytics, will help you respond to the desires of your web visitors quickly and easily.

Try it out today.  You’ll thank me later.

*SAFE.  The asterisk in the first paragraph denotes that some folks just plain don’t trust Google.  They think that by adding Google Analytics code to your website you are feeding data to a potential competitor.  That argument has some merit, but for the small business, I don’t really think there’s damage done.  I would assume however that Microsoft isn’t using it on their websites.

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