The All Cash Experiment

These kind of things always start with a story.

In my case, it was a rejected debit card at a McDonald’s drive thru.  It was payday morning.  And it was a Canandaigua National Bank Mastercard.

For $3.88, I was told I could go take a flying at it.  No breakfast burritos for you!  Without a word, I pulled ahead from the first window, past the second window where I could see them holding my black coffee.  Cuidado!  And on to the street.

My debit card had been declined.

Now, I knew there was enough in the account to pay for that meal nearly 100 times over.  But they didn’t.  So there I was.  No cash.  No credit card.  No breakfast.

No coffee.

So.  I decided that I needed to do something about it.  And my plan quickly formulated in my head.

One week.  No cards.  100% cash basis.  Starting now.


The 100% Cash Week – September 2011

This afternoon, I went to an ATM and withdrew $120 in cash.  The goal is to have it last me through next Friday with some to spare.  I will compare and contrast hard dollar costs and savings, as well as time lost or saved because I’m using the archaic paper currency.

I will carry my debit card in case of emergencies (let’s not get all crazy!), and I will utilize ATMs if I need to.  The plan though is to act as if I went to the bank today, took out part of my paycheck, and that’s that.

I’ll be checking in daily this week with updates, and I’ll write a summary of the experiment next weekend.  I of course welcome your thoughts on this, as well as anything else on my blog.

I feel richer already.

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