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As of this posting, we don’t know if Robyn Regehr has made a very difficult decision.  That decision is to uproot his family, and leave behind a long successful career as a Calgary Flame and become a Buffalo Sabre.

What’s worse is that we know he’s making this decision.

Regehr has an NMC (No Movement Clause) in his contract, and Calgary has asked him to waive it in order to complete a trade with the Buffalo Sabres.  So now, thanks to careless General managers (or their staffs) and Twitter and Facebook, everyone knows that Robyn is deciding this:

Do I really want to live in Buffalo, NY?

Quite frankly, it’s none of our business if he wants to live in Buffalo or not.  In a perfect world, Regehr is asked behind close doors, and if he doesn’t want to waive the clause, AFTERWARDS the GMs may or may not announce that a potential deal is in place, and that specific terms couldn’t be met.

Now, If Regehr decides he wants to stay in Calgary, regardless of his motives, he will be an enemy to Buffalonians.

“He didn’t want to play here.”

“He hates our city.”

You know the drill.  You especially know the drill if you’re FROM Buffalo, like I am originally, or you know someone that is.  It’s a very proud city, with a very fragile ego.

And Regehr knows this too.  He knows that everyone in Buffalo is holding their breath, waiting for his decision.  He also likely knows that it’s going to look like it’s not about hockey.  It’s going to look like it’s Calgary the City versus Buffalo the City.

Could this have happened before Social Media?  Before everyone retweeted snippets from reporters?  Sure it could.  But the fires burn brighter now, and it really ramps up the vitriol.

I wish Robyn Regehr success wherever he chooses to play next year.  And I wish that hadn’t have leaked and exploded.  He deserves to make this decision in private, and he wasn’t afforded that chance.

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