The Sensorcon Affiliate Program

 Target Verticals for Affiliates

Not all technology is easy to identify specific markets for.  In our case, the Sensordrone is a bit of a SwissPortable Carbon Monoxide Detector Affiliate Program Army Knife of sensor tools.  Our Inspector series is a little easier to identify with, since the models have very specific uses in the detection of carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide.

So what verticals do we tend to sell to?

First Responders

If you run a website that is frequented by “fist responder types” such as police, fire, EMT, and similar organizations, both the Carbon Monoxide Inspector and the Sensordrone have been successfully sold into these areas.  And a surprising amount is done through e-commerce.  Once we get these companies set upin our system, a lot of them now order with credit cards.  And don’t forget, we offer a life time cookie.

HVAC Technicians

The Carbon Monoxide Inspector Kit with the flue gas pump is utilized by a lot of HVAC technicians.  Average order size for this group is between $150 and $1000 dollars online.  They like the digital readout on the CO Inspector, as well as the audio/visual alarm points at 35 PPM and 200 PPM.  They also like the price point of $129 for the unit.  It’s the most affordable portable CO detector on the market that has a readout AND is waterproof.

Oil and Gas Industry, Agriculture, Sewers

These three industries tend to be the ones that buy our hydrogen sulfide units.  Hydrogen sulfide is bad news in small quantities. H2S is created during decay, and can kill quickly.  We’re seeing increased interest from other industries that spend time in marshes as well.

Join Us!

So head over to Shareasale and have a look:

I’m willing to do custom banners (moreso than regular banners), coupon codes, and content if you think you can drive us buying traffic.  For those of you that don’t know me, I have 10 years experience in affiliate marketing, so I know what it takes to make money.  And I know it isn’t easy.

Let me know if you have any questions:

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