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Driveway Garden 009_1763x2644Well, if you live in the United States, more specifically in the Northeast United States, you know what the last 45 days have been like.

Hot.  Sunny.  Dry.  Wonderful.

Unless of course you’re a farmer, a backyard gardener, or like me (at my house) a driveway gardener.  Then, that means your water bill may be a bit higher than normal, or your cistern is getting pretty low.

For Rochester, I think we’ve had under 2 inches of rain in the last 45 days.  At the same time, growing vegetables in pots isn’t all that bad for water consumption. And my Hungarian wax peppers, Portugal peppers, , basil, thyme, Glamour tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are all coming in great.

Driveway Garden 013_2644x1763Glamour Tomatoes in a Pot



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