Missing your Audience with Twitter

Maybe it has something to do with our desire to be appreciated and accepted.

Or, maybe Twitter just gives us the opportunity to make our web traffic grow, and we utilize it to do that.  Regardless of our purpose with our websites.  We just want the eyeballs.

Level Analytics is essentially targeting small businesses in need of assistance with their web analytics.  At least, that’s my stated goal when I wake up each morning.  I want to be in front of small businesses, perhaps having them contact me for consultation, Google Analytics set up… whatever.

Twitter Fail WhaleAnd yet whenever I create a new blog post, and tweet about it, I tend to use the#measure hashtag.  The only possible outcome of that is drawing attention from other web analysts.  It’s not drawing in my core audience at all.

So, what’s the purpose?  Why do I try to attract what, at the end of the day, is my competition as well as colleagues?

We Need to Feel Accepted

Short of driving the goals I have set up, which is lead generation and some affiliate marketing, it must be that I want kudos.  We all do.  We look at the success of an Avinash, or a KISSmetrics and how they use Twitter, and we think “Hey!  I can do that”.  You might also note that at that level of success, hashtags aren’t important to them anymore, but I digress…

So when I feel like I’m not grabbing my core audience, I try to grab the low hanging fruit.  And it makes the web stats LOOK better….. but….

Bad Hashtags Give Bad Web Stats

Being a new site (roughly 6 months), my stats are pretty low.  I don’t see a ton of page views every day.  And what I’m finding is that the page views I am getting aren’t mostly from the people I want to be getting them from.

So maybe Avinash is having a slow day and he drops in.  So what?  I’m not looking for a job, and he’s not likely to learn much here.

So I’ve given him a bad experience perhaps.  And he’s put a notch in my analytics bedpost.  +1 visit.  I haven’t accomplished anything though.  He’s not likely to need my services professionally, and it’s likely he’s seen all the ads running here.  There aren’t too many small business web analytics products he’s not aware of.

And my ads are meant for my CORE AUDIENCE.  Not him.  Not most other web analysts either.  They’re meant for small business people.

I might end up with 200 visits from Twitter this month.  And if they’re all web analysts, I’ve failed on my stated mission.  And I’m going to see a lower conversion rate than it really is.  If only 20 visits are from actual perspective customers, than I would have to multiply my conversion rate times 5.

In Conclusion

I’m going to re-think my Twittering.  I need to find better hashtags, and really seek out my core audience.

Right after this post.  Because this one is totally getting #measure.  It might even get an @avinashkaushik.

When you get here, please say something nice below, so I can feel validated, and then get on with the work of growing my core audience.  I know they’re out there.  I’ve just been Fail Whale Missing on Twitter is all.

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I work as an internet marketing manager in domestic (US) manufacturing, and blog about B2B web lead generation, CRMs, web analytics, and a little bit about affiliate marketing. I also am an avid Kayak Fisherman.