Keep It All In – Web Analytics And Managing B2B People

Web Analytics is a lot about Customers.  It’s also a lot about your employees and consultants, too.

If you spend a few hours a week looking at web analytics, you’re probably pretty familiar with determining which of your products and/or services are popular, and how to tell which of your ads or mediums is driving you the most and the best traffic.

Then, the Monday Morning Sales Meeting rolls around.  Everyone is bleary eyed from watching football or having to spend time with family… (I know!).  And sales meetings can often turn into what we like to call in the business: bitch sessions.

There.  I said it.

So, what can we do about it?

Use Real Numbers to Deflect Baseless Arguments

Ah yes, Bob has the west side territory.  All duds.  Never any good prospects.  No help from the marketing department at all.  Does our data back up Bob’s claims?  It might, but you might be able to show him it doesn’t.

Where are my leads coming fromBy using images from Google Analytics, you might be able to show Bob that web site visitors are actually pretty equal on both sides of town.  Maybe he has more opportunity than he thinks?  And maybe, just maybe, not all the visitors fill out a contact form.  But we know the prospects are out there.  He just needs to dig a little deeper.

Then, post meeting, or “off line” as we like to say, we can show Bob where his phone is, or how to dial up LinkedIn on the old www.

Don’t Take That Away From Me During the Re-Design!

“What are you THINKING? The Mega spooler is amongst the most popular widgets on our website!  Why would we bury it, or worse yet, get rid of it?”

We’ve all heard this one too.  Maybe not about a mega-spooler, but about a Freight Estimator, or a color picker, or something that ALL of our customers must be using when they visit our site.  They know this for a fact, because they’ve heard at least one customer mention it in the last 6 months.


The Orange line in the image above (utilizing two Advanced Segments in Google Analytics) pretty much indicates that not EVERYBODY is using the Freight Tracker function.  In fact, it pretty much proves that Bob talked to the ONLY customer that’s ever used it.

Tracking Sales and Customer Service Tools with Web Analytics

I’m not saying we should run out and immediately kill that functionality, but I think we should be sure it’s not taking up valuable real estate on a popular page.

How About You?

Are there little gems that you like to pull out of Google Analytics during meetings that deflect hyperbole from the sales team or the operations team?

We’d all love to know, so leave a comment below!

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