Inexpensive iPod Solution for Your Car

When I bought my 2006 GMC Canyon “previously enjoyed”, one of the things I failed to think about was my love of music. It had a pretty snazzy stereo installed, but it doesn’t have a port to plug in a Droid for Pandora Radio, or an iPod, which houses my several days worth of music.

A new stereo isn’t quite in the budget yet, So I went out in search of a radio tuner solution that would inexpensively allow me to connect my iPod via FM radio signal.

I purchased a Belkin Tunecast Auto Universal.

At first, I thought I was doing something wrong.  No matter what FM radio frequency I set it to, I heard nothing.  After a while, I got the definitie feeling that my Belkin was broken.

So, I went back to Target and replaced it. No hassle at Target, as per usual.

The second one works marginally better, but the interference is horrible, and it seems to be coming in without full stereo.  So I’m very disappointed.  Have a look at a slightly more expensive model, or better yet, go get yourself a nice in dash stereo that supports the connection.

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