IBM CoreMetrics Black Friday Study 2011

Thanks to Geno Prussakov, I happened upon the IBM CoreMetrics study on Black Friday Sales Results for 2011.

If you’re an online small business owner, I think there’s a few things worth noting in it.

Mobile Online Shopping is Way Up

If you look at the Mobile Summary Metrics, you’ll see that not only was there a 209% increase in the percentage of e-commerce transactions compared to Black Friday 2010, but that there was a 32% increase in Conversion Rate.  That’s a huge jump, and it may show that more consumers have confidence/trust in mobile security.

Social Media Failed to Grow on Black Friday

Across platforms (wireless, PC, etc), Social Media had less of an impact in actual conversions.  While there was a modest increase in Social as a percentage of total web traffic (up 4.6%), it actually figured in a smaller percentage of actual sales by order number ( down almost 4%).


As a small business, I think we need to be paying more attention to Mobile.  And generally, mobile is closely related to local.  Ignore those two segments at your own peril.

For e-commerce sites and consumer goods brick and mortars, Social is still an important venue. It’s interesting that it played less of a role in actual hard dollars.

Did you find your results to be similar?  Let us know below!

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