Hungarian Wax Pepper Plants Budding UPDATE Eastern Rockets

On top of the 500 plus pepper plants we do at the In Laws big backyard garden, I plant some pepper plants in pots in my driveway to pick and eat for lunches over the summer.  Last year, I had 10 Eastern Rocket Pepper plants.  This year, I went with 6 Hungarian Wax pepper plants, and 2 Portugal Pepper plants.  The Hungarians are medium hot, whereas the Portugals will come close to killing you.

UPDATE: It was impossible to tell as the peppers were budding, but the pepper plants I thought were Hungarian Wax are actually Eastern Rocket Pepper Plants. So the pics below are actually of Eastern Rockets.

They love the heat reflecting off my paved/sealed driveway, and the first buds are starting to appear.

Hungarian Wax Pepper Plant Budding

Hungarian Wax Peppers in Garden

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