Great WordPress Web Analytics Plug In

I just installed another very cool little web analytics plug in called On Site Google Analytics.  The premise is simple.

The plugin places an attractive stripe at the bottom of your website which, once you connect the plugin to your Google Analytics account, uses the API to display key page metrics to logged in admins as you navigate your own site.

I’m currently trying to clarify with James Charlesworth of (an Atlanta, GA based SEO and Analytics firm) what particular user levels get this info, but if it indeed is published for authors as well, we’re talking about a very valuable tool.  Here’s what the stripe looks like:

Wordpress Web Analytics for Authors

(click for a larger view)

Make Your WordPress Authors Better

As you can see, key information is displayed to logged in users, including popularity of pages, what sites referred readers to them, and keywords used to find them in the search engines.  And this all comes without having to explain to them how to use Google Analytics.

Hopefully, they will get the feel for what works and what doesn’t work over time, and then without having to understand the intricacies of SEO, they can develop a writing style that works for the HUMANS and the SEARCH ENGINES.

That’s full of win for a webmaster.

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