Google Analytics Gets More Actionable

One of the several Holy Grails of search analytics fell into place this morning in your Google Analytics interface. Previously, by digging into your keyword data and traffic sources, you could see where your website visitors were coming from, and potentially why.

Now, with the integration of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, you are given an even tastier slice of pie. Some hints as to why people AREN’T coming to your site.

Google Analytics Incorporates Google Webmaster Tools

Back in June of 2010, I wrote about using Google Webmaster Tools Data to determine if your copy sells. In it, I described some processes to go through to determine if your Meta Tag writing skills are good enough. Even if you’ve read it, it’s worth another look.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the import of Google Webmaster Tools Search Query data puts you in a position to VISUALIZE website success or failure better. And now, using the Secondary Dimension property of Google Analytics, we can see not only what keywords are we showing up in the Google Search Results for, but whether or not it was an Image or a Web reference.  Think of those as the buttons at the top of the Google Search screen: Web, Image, Blog, News, etc.  That’s the Google Property.

If you don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools account, you need to get one in order for this process to work. It’s helpful for a number of reasons outside of this discussion, including Sitemap submission, error reporting, malware/hack attempt alerts, and more.

Accessing Search Data in Google Analytics


As you can see to the right here, the new data is in a section called SearchQueries - Google Analytics Engine Optimization, tucked into the Traffic Sources tab.  There are three options to view:

  • Search Queries
  • Landing Pages
  • Geographic Data


I’ll be breaking each of these down in later blog posts. The most useful currently are the first two, but if Geographic Data ends up being more localized than simply Country in the future, Local SEO will never be the same.

So for now, dig in and play. As always, feel free to Contact me if you have a question, or share information or a question below.

This is a grand new day for Google Analytics.  Enjoy!

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