Cookies for a New You

One of the biggest challenges in quitting smoking is the constant desire to eat.  That can add up the calories quickly, so I think it’s important to have  a game plan in mind for how you’re going to deal with it as you begin your quest to go smoke free.

Here’s a little gem I discovered this weekend.  Kashi TLC Chewy Cookies.  I grabbed a box of the Happy trail Mix cookies before hitting the golf course yesterday, and I’m very happy with them.  I had one cookie before I hit the links.  140 calories, and 4 grams of fiber.  There’s still 8 grams of sugar, but hey, it’s a cookie.  You could do worse.

Kashi TLC Happy Trails Cookies

The best part is that it kept me full the whole time I was golfing.  I only played 9 holes, but even had I played 18 and eaten a second cookie at the turn, I’d only be at 280 calories.

It’s possible that walking 9 holes and carrying your clubs could actually burn 500 calories, so  you’re in a great net calorie position.

Granted, you’ll KNOW this is a high fiber cookie while you are eating it, but like anything else, if you can train yourself to understand this is a great eating choice, you will reap tremendous benefits.

That’s not to say they taste bad, because they don’t.  It’s simply a matter of the cookie being heavier than, oh, say an Oreo.  Or even an Archway Date Oatmeal cookie.

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