An Autumn Treatise for Kindle

Very pleased to announce my first Kindle Book of poetry is available for download. It’s a very short work, only 9 poems long, but it’s my first foray into the medium. I’m looking forward to the feedback, if in fact I get any!

The poems here surround a fictional man much my age, wandering through life in a suburban setting. I think there’s some insight in them, but of course, I’m biased.

If you like Richard Brautigan and Raymond Carver, I’m sure you’ll find a mash up of those two buried in my style.

For those of you curious, I was an English major in college, focused on creative writing and poetry.

So, without further ado, An Autumn Treatise.

An Autumn Treatise by Kevin WebsterIt will be available to download for free June 7th through June 11th, at which point the price will sky rocket to 99 cents.  It’s also available to borrow for free for Amazon Prime members.

Enjoy!  And any or all comments and criticism are welcome here or as a review over on Amazon.

About kevin

I work as an internet marketing manager in domestic (US) manufacturing, and blog about B2B web lead generation, CRMs, web analytics, and a little bit about affiliate marketing. I also am an avid Kayak Fisherman.