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It’s been many years, but it’s time to dust off the affiliate management hat.  I haven’t thought much about the industry since I spoke on Web Analytics and Affiliate Programs at Geno Prussakov’s inaugural Affiliate Management Days in San Francisco.  I think that’s in part to how much the original Amazon Nexus fight flat out wore me out in 2007.  It was easy to sour on it as a New York State resident.

That certainly isn’t to say the affiliate marketing industry is easier now, or without land mines and obfuscations.  There are plenty.  Affiliate Nexus hasn’t been cleared up all that much, and Federal Trade Commission issues seem to lurk around every corner.

At the same time, some of the best parts of affiliate marketing remain firmly in place.


Sure, it’s more fractured now due to social media, but people in the industry still like to hang out and talk about the industry.  I still have a lot of great connections on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  And Affiliate Summit is still going strong.  I plan on attending Affiliate Summit East 2014 later this year, in New York City.

Results and Return on Investment

It’s still my firm belief that affiliate marketing should be one of your strongest returns on investment.  Properly managed, you can rival even the best of paid ad campaigns, and then some.  I mean, you’re paying for performance.  That’s what it’s all about.  You’re creating brand advocates at the same time.  And your affiliates are compensated for their efforts.  Well compensated, if you’re doing it right.

So that’s why I’m getting involved again.  I always believed in the channel.  I just lost sight of it.  And with the new products we’re building at Sensorcon, I think we can make some affiliates a lot of money.  <Insert obligatory sports car filled with money picture here>.

Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector Affiliate ProgramSo, if you’re an affiliate, I’d love to hear from you.  Our program is going live next week, and I’ll be fixing datafeeds, adding banners, and working out the coupon strategy.  In particular, if you work in the Electronics, First Responder, or HVAC space, look me up.  We’ll need to talk. :)  We’re developing some more “consumer driven” products too, so we’ll try not to leave anyone out.  Read up on carbon monoxide.  There’s a big market out there.

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I work as an internet marketing manager in domestic (US) manufacturing, and blog about B2B web lead generation, CRMs, web analytics, and a little bit about affiliate marketing. I also am an avid Kayak Fisherman.