A Little Vitriol In Your Red Sauce

So last week Ragu Sauces put together (in other words, edited) a video of mom bloggers describing what happens when their husbands invade the kitchen and cook dinner.

Let me begin by stating I didn’t watch the video for a number of reasons, first and foremost being that I’m of the opinion that if you’re using Ragu in the first place, you have no business cooking. Grow a pair of San Marzanos and we’ll talk.

Regardless. As is want to happen in our current hyper-over-super-sensitive culture, anger, teeth gnashing, and hash tag vitriol ensued. How dare moms poke fun at the inept chef of a husband she married? In 2011, haven’t we progressed as a society to the point where we know everyone is created equal in the kitchen?

I have an idea.

Let’s all get down off of our soap boxes (I promise I will too right after this blog post). Let’s take social media a little less seriously, shall we?

I get the Twitter vitriol.  I do.  We have a lot of angry dads and moms (who own social media consultancies and blogs) that all KNOW that they can do a better, safer job. So by overstating an innocent, silly, fun social media post and making it into a crime against humanity, they are positioning themselves for a big payday. “Look what I said about Ragu!  I get it! I’m the next guru!”  Save it.

Don’t scroll down to the Post Reply button just yet. Think for a minute. You know that’s what you’re doing.

Social media is, well, social. It’s bound to anger. It’s bound to engage. And it’s bound to do more good than harm over its lifecycle.

And how many of these Ragu style messes have we already seen where the “offending” company didn’t really receive any TANGIBLE consumer downturn? Yes, they hashtagged a few companies here and there, and thumped their chests. They may have even have LOLCat’d them. “Can I haz that Tweet back?” Social Media hasn’t run a company out of business yet.

So let’s all put down our internet tough guy (or gal) keyboards, and recognize that this too will blow over.

Social Media is a new frontier. Mistakes will be made. And there’s no need to publicly demolish every company that makes one.

UPDATE: Just read a great blog post on this: http://www.arikhanson.com/2011/10/03/are-bloggers-over-reacting-to-the-ragu-social-media-crisis/ Wish I had seen that sooner, would have saved me some time writing mine :)




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