A Big Thank You to Ben Gott

Thank you Ben for posting this GREAT ARTICLE at SearchEngineLand.

Last week, I had written about the effects of product ads at Google on how we should look at web analytics.  Especially as it pertains to the actual ad slot positions in AdWords advertising.  I had lamented that wasn’t aware of a way to track the performance of an ad slot over time.

Ben stepped to the plate with his article, and my crisis is solved:

The Holy Grail for any self-respecting AdWords campaign manager must be confirmation that the ad positions they are targeting with their AdWords campaigns provide the best possible return on ad spend (RoAS). Having an answer (based on concrete data) when a client/boss/sales manager/curious business partner inevitably questions your carefully crafted position/bid strategy, is surely gold-dust to all online marketers.

Full Article

As per usual, the answer was right under my nose in Custom reports.  Ben gives a great description as to how to set it up in his post.

For the record, Ben Gott heads up Product Development for Periscopix PPC management.

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