3 Things to Do Today – September 13th Edition

If you’re running your own web analytics as a small business, here’s a few things you could do today to address the way the web changed last week:

Annotation on Google Instant

Last Thursday, Google rolled out Google Instant search.  What this does is changes search results as people type on Google.com.  This could change a few things in the short term, and the way people use Google in the long term.  Already I’ve seen a significant drop in plural searches for our most heavily trafficked client.

So pop into Google Analytics and use an annotation to note the Change on Thursday.  Then you can easily track changes over time.   If you’re using another web analytics software package, make sure you make a note somehow to track this important change.

Yahoo and Bing Search Results Merger

Another thing you will want to note (either as an annotation in Google Analytics or wherever you’ll remember) is the merger of search results between Yahoo and Bing.  Right around August 25th (my tweet on it) Yahoo started using Bing results instead of their own.  So you should see a significant change in traffic from Yahoo, either good or bad.  Bing’s results often mirror Google pretty closely, but they were very different form Yahoo.  So you’ll need to pay attention to this.

Yahoo Traffic Increase

Create a New Custom Segment

I don’t care what you put in it.  Some helpful ones might be:

1.) People who viewed a key page on your site but didn’t contact you.

2.) Web visitors who live in the same city as your brick and mortar store.

3.) People who came in through your new PPC landing page.

There’s countless permutations of Advanced Segments you can set up.  If you need help, please Contact Us, or view our rates for custom Google Analytics Consulting.

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