3 Great Reads if You’re Starting a Fitness Program in 2012

If you’re like me, you’re getting older. So yeah, you’re like me.

I know that it’s cliché to resolve to be healthier every New Years.  We all do it, and most of us fail.  We may all fail again this year. One thing is for certain though.  If you’re discerning in what you read, the internet has made it FAR easier to at least plan for success.

Granted, you still have to deliver and execute. Your body and your health are on you.

In my pursuit to drop 25 pounds+ this year, I went out searching for a source of quality information on how to choose a gym, what to ask of the trainers, and generally, what should I be doing as a guy rapidly approaching 40 years old.

What I already knew is that my only real form of exercise now is kayak fishing.  I likely paddle hundreds of miles every summer, and I tend to lose weight then. Being a Western New Yorker however, at some point my “gym” freezes over, and bad things happen to my body.

Ebook CoverEnter Shari Fitness, a wonderful human being from a far warmer climate.  I met her through Facebook in a private group.  She was giving advice to us desk jockeys. Turns out I can really relate to her and her writing style.  Here’s three articles she wrote that I think are must reads for anyone considering investing money in becoming healthier and more physically fit.

Getting a Fitness Game Plan

What are your fitness goals? And how are you going to accomplish them.

Link: Setting a Fitness Game Plan

From choosing a workout routine, to switching it up, to what you should be eating and consuming in order to be healthy, Shari does a really nice job in describing a solid fitness game plan.

How Should I Start a Cardio Workout Routine?

Look no further than Shari’s friends The Alpha Males introduced her to. I immediately was intimidated by the name however…. The Kilimanjaro Treadmill Climb.

Link: How Should I Start a Cardio Workout Routine?

What is A Fitness Professional?

Here, Shari explains what to ask any trainer before you agree to hire them, be it on an ongoing basis,

Link: How to Hire a Fitness Professional

If you’ve never hired a trainer or fitness professional before, after reading 3 paragraphs, you’ll be hooked. She poses a lot of questions I wouldn’t think to ask, as well as what to actually listen for in the answers. I’ll fully admit that without reading this one, I would have been completely unprepared.

Food Journals

Another great bit of advice:

Good luck this year.  I hope that I (and you!) can do a better job of staying trim and healthy. Remember, no trainer, certified fitness professional, or nutritionist in the world can MAKE you healthier.  You have to do it.

You have to eat right, or get up a little earlier and go to the gym. Or make time to work out at home if you have the necessary weights, etc. So get at it!

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